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Literacy Groups
Friday Writers: This group enjoys writing in a variety of forms - whatever may inspire us. Members take turns to set writing tasks which we share in a group setting. No experience needed - just a love of writing. Meets 2nd Friday in the month 10:00am to 12 noon.
Contact: Su Sisung (01244-314215)
Literary Appreciation 1: Members take turns to choose and introduce a book, ranging from 19th century classics, through modern classics, to recent well-reviewed novels. We meet on 2nd Fridays at 2pm at the Quaker Meeting House.
Contact: Carol Ferris (01244-332016)
Play Reading: The Play Reading Group has read a wide variety of plays from Greek tragedy to English Comedy in an informal atmosphere. Members enjoy reading and listening to the plays and discussing them. The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month (pm).
Contact: David Clewes (01244-346518)
Poetry Appreciation: This group concentrates on reading, discussing and enjoying poems. Meets third Tuesday in the month from 2-3:30pm.
Contact: Thelma Stockley (01244-347077)
Reading 1: A small friendly group. We meet on every 4th Wednesday from 11:00am. All types of fiction supplied by Cheshire libraries. Everyone has the opportunity to speak (or not) as they wish.
Contact: Joan Hall (01244-381867)
Reading 2: We meet at Caldy Valley Church and Centre, on the first Friday afternoon each month. Books are provided by Cheshire library, and members take it in turn to review that month's selection. This leads into a discussion where everyone has the opportunity to give their views and opinions. Over refreshment we share any news about films, library events and such like that might be of special interest.
Contact: Aileen Small (01244-382876)
Story Telling: The aim of the Storytelling group is to enjoy the age-old art of telling stories to each other. Hearing and telling stories stimulates the imagination and connects us to others. Members of the group will tell tales, old and new, from around the world, develop and practise telling their own tales. We meet on alternate Wednesday mornings.
Contact: Thelma Pugh (01244-382948)