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Mind Games Groups
Bridge: Duplicate Bridge (ACOL based). Meet at Guilden Sutton Village Hall every Wednesday for a prompt start at 1:00pm. Participants need to have good knowledge/experience with ACOL bidding, card play, scoring and bridge etiquette. Cost £2.50 per month. Weekly results are posted here.
Contact: Brenda Walker (0151-356-3992)
Bridge for Beginners: This group is mostly for beginners and those who have fancied playing but found it difficult. We do have a few more experienced players. We meet on Mondays, 2-4pm. Weekly results are posted here.
Contact: Liz Flanagan (01244-341097)
Canasta: This group meets second and fourth Fridays 10.30 - 12.30 and play using Waddington rules.
Contact: Val Hampson (01244-321308)
Cryptic Crossword Puzzlers: A group for all levels, beginners to experts. Not as difficult as you might think and excellent for keeping the little grey cells working. Meets 4th Friday at 2pm.
Contact: Vivian Downing (01244-300678)
Current Affairs 1: This group has a wide focus, covering social, environmental and political issues. We meet on the second Monday of each month except August at members' houses from 10 - 12 noon, and take turns to introduce some burning topic of the day.
Contact: Patricia Bogunovic (01829-741157)
Current Affairs 2: The group chooses current topics for discussion and members take it in turns to introduce and lead on a main topic for each meeting. Following a 'social break', current hot topics are discussed. The group meets in members' houses in turn on the first Thursday of the month at 10am.
Contact: Margaret or Ken Bramham (01244-383723)
Mahjong: This group meets on the first and third Fridays in the month, 10:15am, at the café in Westminster Park, Hough Green.
Contact: Dave Gipson by email
Scrabble: The group meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at 7:15 pm and usually finishes at about 10:30pm. A core group of approximately 8 meet for a pleasant evening, hopefully improving our word power.
Contact: Joan Hall (01244-381867)
Social Justice Group: The group discusses all aspects of social justice, its causes and possible means of mitigation. Forthcoming issues include the NHS, wealth ownership and use of power. Meets at members' houses on the last Tuesday of the month, 10:00 to 12:00.
Contact: Laurence Cole (01244-382721)
The Old Grumpies: We are what it says on the tin!!! Join us in curmudgeonly camaraderie in a local hostelry. Enjoy a drink and discuss currently annoying trivia. Have a whinge about life today with no topic really off limits. We meet once a month in the afternoon on the third or fourth Wednesday.
Contact: Graham Proctor (01244-335943)
Whist for Beginners: This group is aimed at beginners and those who wish to 'have a go'. Meets first and third Wednesdays in the month 1-3pm in the Lodge Bar, Bawn Lodge Hotel, Hoole Road.
Contact: Angela Rogers (01244-346830)