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Music Groups
Jazz Appreciation: We like to listen to jazz in its many forms. For each meeting we usually listen to particular artists or a type of jazz. Group members either present a programme or play their favourites or new purchases. We meet 2nd Tuesday 10.30 - 12.30.
Contact: Kay Lunt (01244-348715)
Music 1: We meet fortnightly at my house. Members take turns to choose and present a varied programme of classical music on tapes, CDs, videos or DVDs. Alternate Wednesdays, 10:30am - 12:30pm.
Contact: Mary Pulsford (01244-680031)
Music 2: This is a Music Appreciation Group, which meets on the second Monday morning in the month. We are a friendly and cheerful group with many differing tastes in music. We take it in turns to construct a programme.
Contact: Avril Baxter (01244-328828)
Music 4: The whole range of 'Classical' music is within our ambit. Sometimes a projector and screen are used with videos and DVDs. There is comfortable seating and easy off-road parking. We meet on alternate Fridays (pm).
Contact: Michael Wilkinson (01244-332388)
Music Performing: Participants meet in small groups (duets, trios etc) to perform music together, with an emphasis on enjoyment. All genres of music are encouraged from classical to popular (musicals, film, folk, pop etc). The group is currently looking for more members and would particularly welcome woodwind and string players. All standards of playing are welcome.
Contact: Rob Green (01244-383836)
Opera Appreciation: We are a group of enthusiastic opera lovers. Each month one member provides a two hour programme, either audio, visual or both. We meet on the first Thursday of the month (am).
Contact: Lesley Mitchell or Barbara Banks (01244-380347)
Singing for Pleasure: The group comprises of enthusiasts who enjoy singing together, accompanied and led by an experienced guitarist and singer. The range covers folk, theatre and popular songs from different eras. Meets second Monday of the month 2-4pm.
Contact: Norma Jones (01244-374603)

Ukulele (UKES3A), Two Groups:  
These are beginners' groups. No musical background is needed but a sense of humour helps the learning experience.

Group 1 meets Wednesdays from 2:00pm at Westminster Park Café, Hough Green. Contact: Gerry Weatherston (01244-682265)

Group 2 meets Tuesdays from 2:00pm at the same venue. Contact: Jaqui Mackinlay (01244-618339)