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Chester U3A, PO Box 167, Chester CH2 1WL.   Tel: 07594-239600 (9am to 4pm)

Chester U3A's monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of the month are held in St Columba's Church Hall, Plas Newton Lane, Upton. The membership of Chester U3A now exceeds 1000, but this location can only accommodate 250 participants on safety grounds. Chester U3A's Committee has looked at other larger venues but none has the convenient parking and bus service of St Columba's. A modified membership structure was proposed by the Chester U3A Committee to deal with this issue, and was agreed by Chester U3A's membership at an SGM on 5th July 2016. The revised membership structure for 2016/17 and subsequent years, comprising Full Members and Associate Members, is explained below.

Membership: Membership of Chester U3A is open to anyone who is no longer in full time employment. Members need not have any qualifications and none are awarded by the U3A. The current membership year started on 1 September 2017 and ends on 31st August 2018.

Full Members will be able to participate in all the activities of Chester U3A, including attendance at monthly Tuesday meetings.

Associate Members will be able to take part in almost all of the activities of Chester U3A, the one exception being that they cannot attend monthly Tuesday meetings.

Existing members have two renewal options for the 2016/17 membership year, which started on 1st September 2016 and ends on 31st August 2017, namely renewal as a Full Member at a fee of £10 (no change from last year), or renewal as an Associate Member at a fee of £8. Any existing member who renews after end-September 2016 will have to join as an Associate Member at a cost of £12.

New members may only join Chester U3A as Associate Members at a fee of £12. Subsequent renewal of membership can be as either Full Members (£10) or Associate Members (£8).

Application Form: Click here to download a form to apply for Associate Membership of Chester U3A for the 2017/18 membership year.

Payment (new members): New Associate Members should pay by cheque (£12), payable to Chester U3A. Application form and cheque should be sent to: Membership Secretary, PO Box 167, Chester CH2 1WL.

Payment (renewing members): Existing members are encouraged to renew by bank transfer, either over the Internet, by Telephone Banking or at your bank branch using your debit card. Please ensure the following payment instructions are provided:

Sort Code:   30-91-92
Account number:   59864768
Payment Reference:   Your four digit membership number

Payment by cheque is still possible. Please make your cheque payable to Chester U3A, £10 if renewing as a Full Member or £8 if renewing as an Associate member.

Gift Aid: If you are an income tax payer you may want to complete a 'Gift Aid' declaration form at the time of your application or renewal if you have not already done so. Your declaration allows Chester U3A to claim tax from the Inland Revenue. You can download a Gift Aid Form here. Alternatively, forms are available at monthly meetings or from the Membership Secretary. Forms can be returned to any committee member or handed in at monthly meetings.

More Information: Click here to download more information about Chester U3A.

Queries and Address Changes: Members should contact our Membership Secretary (07594-239600) if they have any queries or if their postal address, email address or telephone number has changed.

Members Portal: Members can now access their personal contact details on-line and make any changes. The Members Portal also provides information about Chester U3A's Interest Groups and upcoming events. The Portal is accessed at Chester U3A Members Portal, where you can access your personal record by answering a few simple questions.

Accessibility Policy:  Click here to see Chester U3A's Accessibility Policy.