Photos taken during the Chester U3A Strolling Group's Weekend Visit to Corsham (Wiltshire), March 2007

(photos courtesy of Howard Sherman)

Strolling Group's visit to Corsham. 'King Canute'

King Canute

We visited a number of places, including Lacock, a small village just outside Chippenham. The annual Lacock Scarecrow Festival was in full swing. Themed Scarecrows were positioned on a marked trail and visitors invited to wander the trail and guess the name of each Scarecrow. This year, the theme was Kings and Queens. This one was very popular.

Strolling Group's visit to Corsham. 'Cooking Pot'

Cooking Pot!

At Lacock Abbey, we saw this enormous cooking pot. On one occasion, when Royalty were visiting, the Nuns cooked a side of bacon and a whole sack of peas in it!